Welcome to the new Goalies Unlimited website

Goalies Unlimited is committed to providing excellent service to our customers.  We feel this new website will provide a link between you the customer and our services.

Goalies Unlimited has been around for 17 years.  During that time we have seen a lot of changes in goaltender styles and a dramatic increase in the speed of the game.  We feel the time is right to introduce our new website that will give everyone an opportunity to communicate over the Internet.


We have created this site with some exciting new features.

- A new GOALIE RENTAL FORM will allow you to fill in the form and submit to our dispatcher(s).  Don't worry, we will still call you to confirm the order because we feel this important and to know that your order has been received in a timely manner.

- A USER LOGIN FORM will allow some of our frequent users to login and rent goalies, request certain goalies that have played with you before, keep track of your game(s), print receipts for games already played, leave a comment or complaint, or if you have an account, see how many games you have left on your credit.

- A STAFF GOALIES page that will allow you to see our current goalies (by first name only) and some very basic BIO.

- FAQ page should answer any questions you may have regarding our service(s).

- More exciting pages will be added soon so please check back later...

These are very exciting times for Goalies Unlimited and we are hoping that over the next few years you will drop by for a visit and rent a goalie from time to time when you need us.  We would be happy to help you however we can.

Good luck with your season of hockey and see you on the ice!




Goalies Unlimited.